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Our Services

Heritage Protection Group has the vision, experience, expertise and ability to change the face of crime in South Africa. We believe that every individual and all communities have a right to be safe from crime and the fear of crime.

Crime Prevention

With HPG’s active involvement in serious violent crimes and rhino poaching, we have extensive knowledge on the modus operandi of the criminals and the trends that occur during these types of crimes. With our experience, we are in a position to educate the public about the signs to look out for, what to do to secure yourself, your animals and your property and by doing this, a certain percentage of crime prevention occurs. HPG actively communicate with all the different bodies such as Farmer’s Unions, Community Watches, CPF’s in the different communities, Business Chambers, etc. about prevention procedures, making awareness a high priority.

Criminal Tracking

This action is one of the most important of all during a crime investigation, to ensure that the criminals are caught. HPG has some of the finest trackers in the country in our team and whom are dedicated to their calling, from start to finish – even if this means tracking criminals on foot for more than 80km a day. HPG success has a lot to do with how the scene is preserved, making it the best possible scenario for these trackers to have the right leads to follow. Criminal tracking goes further than the crime scene and surrounding area – here HPG utilises the best technology and contacts available to track these criminals to wherever they are, even if it is hundreds of kilometers away. HPG has the experience and means to go all the way to make sure that criminals are caught and put behind bars.

Scene Investigation & Forensics

With years of experience as police detectives, members of HPG are highly trained to do the investigation of serious violent crimes. The scenes of these crimes tell the whole story to a trained person and HPG success stories happens daily due to the fact that some of the best detectives in the country serve on the HPG team. Forensics plays a vital role in crime investigation and HPG has the contacts and experience to use this evidence to make sure that when the criminals are caught, the case is rock-solid.

Victims & Witness Support

HPG extends our services to the community by supporting the victims and witnesses of horrendous crimes. We are available to assist with statements, witness protection, trauma handling, family support and lots more. Most of our team members have years of experience and training in these types of support, and where they are not available, have a group of dedicated and experienced professionals ready to help wherever possible.

Rhino Poaching

The illegal hunting and poaching of our country’s beautiful and beloved rhinos are in such a crisis that HPG has extended our services to include the investigation, tracking and prevention of these crimes – a national crisis. HPG has experienced people working with the game farm owners and government bodies to help with the prevention and investigation of these crimes. Murder of rhino takes place on a daily basis and up until September 2015, 750 rhinos were killed in the Limpopo Province alone. HPG is dedicated to try and bring a stop to this by mobilizing our team in all areas possible. We make use of our experienced investigators and trackers to catch these criminals and help save our precious wildlife.