Heritage Protection Group (HPG) | Newsletter 2016-01


— our best wishes for 2016 —

The Heritage Protection Group would like to wish everyone a very blessed year ahead. We hope and pray that you will experience the hand of God in everything you do, and in everyday that you are fortunate to be given.

Welcome to our very first newsletter. The focus of this and all the other newsletters that follows is to bring you up to date on what HPG has achieved, what our focus areas are, how we can help you, and of course how you can help us. We will inform you of cases that we have been involved in, and make sure that all relevant information is channeled to you through the newsletters. We have very active social media platforms where daily information is posted, and the newsletter will be a summary of what has been happening as well as other relevant information.

We also want to thank everybody for their positive attitude towards HPG. We have been received with open arms since our establishment in October 2015, invited to numerous meetings and forums to introduce ourselves and our services and everybody has been positive, excited and very supportive. Thank you again and it is you that makes every day in our line of work worthwhile. To know that we will be able to help you when you need us, and to give you hope for a better South Africa.

We also want to sincerely thank all the individuals that have been involved with and helped us with all the cases we have been a part of. All the SAP members, farmers, community members, policing forums and other individuals that came in an instant when trouble was upon us, helping to close roads, and doing everything in their power to help bring justice to those who have been wronged. Without you, our work would have been impossible. You have stood by each other, and it makes us proud to be part of your communities.

Enjoy our newsletter and please send us your feedback and any other comments you may have with regards to HPG.

Best wishes
HPG team


— and what we've achieved thus far —

Heritage Protection Group is a non-profit organization established in October 2015. Our main purpose and focus is to fight, prevent and investigate serious violent crime and rhino poaching in the Limpopo Province. We have a team of investigators, trackers, a helicopter and pilots and other experts and dedicated team members that work with one purpose in mind, to fight crime in South Africa and bring the culprits to book.

Our team grows on a regular basis with training that we do, ensuring that the response time to crime scenes is as quick as possible and therefore making sure that all evidence in a crime scene is preserved and used in the most effective ways.

Our team is trained in witness support and protection and we make use of the best technology when investigating the crimes.

We work closely with the SAPS as well as all the other community forums and security groups to make sure that the criminals are caught quickly and justice is brought to the victims and their families.

Since the founding of HPG we have been a constant at most of the violent crimes that is plaguing our province and in about 80% of these cases arrests was made either on the same day or in the following day or two. HPG has also recovered many stolen goods of which firearms are the most important. As citizens we are always afraid that when the criminals are caught they will not be brought to book, but here is a very good example on how far we go and hard we work to have these criminals put behind bars, even if it takes a long time. On the 21st of January 2016 the criminals that attacked Chrisjan Theunissen on his farm and brutally murdered him was sentenced – Accused 1: Murder 25 years, robbery 10 years, must serve 25 years effectively. Accused 2: Murder 25 years, robbery 10 years, must serve 25 years effectively. Accused 3: Murder 25 years, robbery 15 years, in possession of an unlicensed firearm 6 years, in possession of unlicensed ammunition 3 years, must serve 45 years effectively.


As Heritage Protection Group is a non-profit organization, we rely on donations and funds from individuals, corporates and other businesses.

It is very important in any endeavor to have funds to keep going and we at HPG have many expenses to cover and keep the task team on the ground. We ask that you please help us by financially contributing to our organization.

You will be able to claim back the tax on your donation and we will issue you with a section 21 certificate for this purpose.

Please help us by contacting us via e-mail or telephone and we will send you our banking details.


Please visit our website at www.heritageprotectiongroup.co.za for all the relevant contact persons and numbers and with all the social media links – Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn – that you can visit where we have daily updates on what is happening with cases. It is very important for us all to be up to date on what is happening in our areas and to make sure that we are prepared to help in whatever way is needed. We need to stand together to make a difference.


We hope you found our first newsletter informative and useful. We appreciate all your support and promise to keep going every day to make our vision for a safer Limpopo Province a reality.

Please send us your comments to elmari@heritageprotectiongroup.co.za.

Until next time.
HPG team